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Multi-Device Web Design Solutions

Reach your cutomersDesign is an extremely important aspect of digital marketing, and web design is no longer a one-size-fits-all proposition. The reason is simple: are consumers going to be viewing your site and its content on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones? If the answer is yes - and there’s no good reason it wouldn’t be - then your business needs responsive web design.

The Importance Of Being Responsive

Responsive web design solutions allow businesses to build and manage a consistent presence across all channels that a 21st century consumer uses. This means that your website and its content will look proportionate to the screen-size it’s being viewed on. Many businesses don’t realize they are losing conversions (potential sales) by not implementing responsive web design solutions.

Make It Easy To Convert

User experience also plays a large role in the significance of responsive web design solutions. If a potential customer can’t use your site properly on a smartphone or a tablet, there’s a good chance that your unresponsive site will interrupt their buying cycle and send them running in the direction of your competitors.

Responsive web design solutions are a key component of any digital marketing strategy in 2014 and beyond. Custom mobile website design package from $2.500 (eCommerce typically from $6,500) . If you’re interested just contact us now on 204-294-9974 to arrange your telephone consultation.

What's Included?  

  • Up to 10 Pages

  • No work to be done by yourself (we develop the website for you from your existing content)

  • Includes all the Premium Features

  • Up to two revisions with our designers

  • Phone and Email Support and update options

  • Hosting & service options 

  • Unlimited bandwidth


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